Biodegradable Corn Starch 2oz Sauce Container (Set)



BIOSC/2OZ: Material: Natural Corn Starch
Color: Natural Yellow
Size: 2oz. 6cm x 3cm
Packing: 100pcs/pack, 10pack/carton

Biodegradable and Compostable Eco Friendly Food Packaging Take Away Sauce Container

Features: –

– Can Withstands High Temperature 140°C (Hot) and -5°C (Cold)

– Non-Toxic

– Harmless when consumed by Animal

– Environment Friendly

– Made from 100% Natural Corn Starch

– Composts in 180 Days and Becomes fertilizer for Plants

– Microwavable, Oven and Freezer Safe

– Water and Oil Repellant

SUITABLE USE FOR Restaurant / Café / Take Away use, Any Public Function,

House Party, Camping Event & ETC.

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